An unapologetic, unabridged recounting of my awkward teenage diaries

Can’t believe they kissed, with TONGUES!

Just for context, me and Louise both had family involved in our school Zambia exchange and so had met the visiting students a couple of times, and of course were driiiinking up all the male attention. You can definitely tell I was halfway through reading ‘Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging’ in this one due to the absolutely ridiculous way it is written.

July 30th, Zambian exhibition + leaving party


I do believe two boys were fighting over me! WOW! I dunno what to say bcoz I like them both! Peter is tres cute and Darren is a very nice person. My saying is: I dunno what to do! (great saying) Peter is cute but I barely know him and Darren I have known but is barely cute. Although Darren is kinda cute, but Peter wow! I don’t wanna decide. And WOW Louise and Dean KISSED with TONGUES. It was her first and all! They went for a walk as kiss virgins and back back, er, not. Louise was freaked + very pissed. We had more wine to ease our pains + danced. I told P + D that I choose neither, it was too hard, and Darren said, you two carry on. I think Darren earns points for this. I hope Darren still emails me, coz he has my add, I don’t have his. Hope Louise will get it. Wow Tre and James fancy me too! Why? I thought I was uggers. Maybe as Georgie N would say ‘I have a bad case of redbottomosity’.

Met Steve, well, saw Steve. V. nice. Hope to see him. He’s not cute but I listened to him talking and he plays the piano + is v nice. Wonder how old. Looks 13-14. I hope he is. Ooh so many boys! But I shall NOT go back to year 7, I must control self. Settle for nice depending man. hmm I dunno if I’ll even see Peter or Darren again! WHAT TO DO! Huge amount of depressionness and down heartedness and guiltyness and so on.

Zambians left today

Mum said I cold go to the airport so I did and on the bus I sat with Louise until she and Darren swapped and me and Darren sat net to each other. Quite awkward at times but luckily the Welcome Break saved us. Then me + Darren went to sit in front of Louise and Dean which was better. We had a convo by paper to make it easier and he said I was gorgeous and made him speechless and he wishes that he had seen more of me and then we held hand and he told me I was beautiful and he would miss me loads and he loves me. He took three bangles of mine to remind him of me. He gave me the sunnies of his fave bear. At the airport Peter said that he’d miss me and meant so much to him (well I think, I was in an upset daze), then he gave me his fave necklace. Louise said he wore it all the time! I gave Peter, Patrick and Darren and Dean cards like Louise with a shell in each.

Then it was time for them all to go. Cue sobbing. Everyone hugged everyone! I feel really bad coz some of the kids have to go back to horrible stuff. One girls mum died on the day they arrived, neither he nor her partner knew. Another lives with her Dad or uncle who drinks and gambles + sometimes makes them all sleep in the garden. I don’t often say this but that man deserves to die, not that girls mum, but that man. But then if he died where would the children go? It’s not fair.

On the bus on the way back me + Louise sat and wallowed in cry-ingness until Louise said ‘this is really pathetic’ + then we smothered our misery in Jaffa cakes and muffins. Then we were completely out-of-brains hyper. We were sitting off the seat, balancing on our heads against the side. I think we just wanted to forget. Which is hard. I think I’ll listen to Muse and cry.

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