An unapologetic, unabridged recounting of my awkward teenage diaries

Marissa was JUST getting her life back on track

When I see kids off their little barnets at free parties these days, pretending that they actually like gabber and wearing hi-vis vests as a fashion statement for some fucking reason, I think back to my youth when drinking one beer in a tent and trying to get high off a sugar rush was enough to constitute a wild weekend. And that one time all the ladz put their pubes in a ‘spliff’ and gave it to someone to smoke. Banter. 

Wow! What a fabby weekend!


Well on Friday it was Jenny’s party which was SO FAB! Although, I must take note of the fact that wine gums and roundabouts really don’t go! Lol! Scott made some lush stuff and brought some lurvley beer! One very big crappy thing though – Jenny and Scott. Scott took any excuse to hug her + every time they walked they held hands. I mean, I don’t even like Scott any more…so what is it? Maybe it’s just coz I want  someone to be there for me, to hold my hand + hug me. Maybe, or maybe I’ll just never get over Scott 100%.

MORE parties

Last night I went to the Smillie household for some good curry. Twas fun!

Oooh I got a piano! It rocks! I just knew it was right from the start, the most expensive of course, but worth all of it! It’s coming on Wednesday!

Hero of the week: Louise- for asking me if I was ok with the whole her and James thing! Course I was! It almost made me forgive her for taking the piss out of Paul. But he’s been so distant on me this week- I’m offing on him.

Villian of the week: James for bitching about me, Jenny, Emily + Heather by txt behind our backs. The bastard. 

25th May

Wow, that last entry was ages ago!

Well my bday party was FAB! I did the highropes which was so cool-scary but cool. The zip-wire was funky and so was grass tobogganing. Rafting was so cool coz we named all our stuff and Sammy and Jenny fell in! Twas sooo cool, Louise kept telling me she <3 it. Gr8er, EVERYONE WAS OK WITH EACH OTHER-PHEW!

IM 13!!!

But OMG! I told James I was bisexual kinda! He bribed me! I feel a mix of relief and ‘OMG what have I done’ness. I mean I know I am but I wouldn’t want to spend my life with a girl- I want kids and marriage and proper sex, but I’m open to everything. He said he felt privileged. I’m thinking of doing a spell to make him forget! I dunno it’s nice for someone to know I guess. BUT OMG!

(scrawled on the bottom of the page in a different pen)-

Ok, I now know I am 100% straight. I AM STRAIGHT!!!

thank you

(OK hun, whatever you say) 

Early July, Tuesday


Marissa killed Tre on The OC! When she did it I just went ‘SHIT!’ and then burst into tears and then in between sobs went ‘ohmygodohmygodohmygod’! I can’t believe it poor Marissa was nearly raped by him and now she’s killed him because Seth told Ryan what happened! And she was JUST getting her life back on track. I think I mostly cried from shock and the above. I texted Jenny and she’s the same; all over the place like me. (no, that’s not how to use a semi colon) SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT AAAHH! AAAAH!



Look, The OC was life. 

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