An unapologetic, unabridged recounting of my awkward teenage diaries

Teachers suck their parts!

So on reading these diaries I can definitely see why I was thought of as somewhat precocious by some of my teachers. However, my form tutor had a seriously big gripe against me and I ended up in a meeting with my head of year (just me and her) to discuss our relationship. Actually a pretty weird situation looking back on it considering I’d never done anything personal against the guy, to sit a kid down and talk to you about how much a teacher hates you. But then again this is also a person who used to throw chairs across the classroom on a regular basis, so probably had his own shit going on.

21st March 2005

Honestly, apparently I have a very high opinion of myself according to Mr B. He also said he wonders where I got that from, meaning I’m nothing great at all! Jeez, have a high opinion of myself, maybe he should hang around himself for a day if you see what I mean! He’s the biggest egomaniac ever. I don’t think my mum thinks that much of him either. God, some people. I can’t believe Ms Warr said sorry to Darren or Tom for shouting but not me. I am quite hard working- Tom is likely to get chucked out. Teachers suck their parts I swear they do!


OMG! Have found another mole forming on my face! What is the effing POINT?! Urgh. Having images of myself in the future. I will probably end up 35 and dead with mould under my folds with NO LIFE behind me. I will probably end up with a dalmation look and a big mass of brown for a face. OH CRAP! 

On the bright side I went to Glastonbury and got some Nag Champa and a pentagal! WOONESS! If I am asked to take it off @ school I will say ‘you are allowed to wear crosses so why can’t you wear pentagals- they are religious too?’ I will, maybe. No, I WILL! Ha!


WOW Matt B may be writing a book! SO hope it’s true. I’d love to get inside his mind. I have decided to do the witch thing when I have a credit card, ie when I have the maturosity to take on the way of life. I need my childhood and teeness. I shall be a less annoying dabbler instead ie not one who syas they’re a witch etc but one who still occasionally uses it for fun or self asteem then after I shall be true to it. 


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