An unapologetic, unabridged recounting of my awkward teenage diaries

‘To hurt others is simply a blow to your personality’

Do forums still have a chatrooms? I spent a LOT of time on forums, especially Muse related forums and their chatrooms. These were the days before social media people, even Bebo hasn’t been invented yet! I have long learnt not to get involved in talking to strangers on the internet, because people on the internet are assholes, but here I am at 13, getting trolled, and I absolutely cannot handle it. 

*** ‘Faded Star’ ***


Gr8 now I’m so f-ing depressed coz of those imbecilic people on the Muse message board. I was simply doing my art HWK and seen as I was thinking of doing a shoe for Matt B I wondered what his shoe size was so I knew roughly how big I had to design it. So I posted a thread on the site and after a bit you kinda wonder why you did it. Anyway they seriously start taking the piss and I’m like, ‘ I just wanted to know for my art project’ and then someone says that I only did it to show I was doing an art project about Muse. This really shot me. They said it worse than that- I just don’t wanna remember. I sed ‘it was a moment of madness etc and that I wasn’t doing it to show off and get attention. And I’m doing it for Reginess (Regina Spektor) at least her fans aren’t cock licking monkey nuts (Steph’s fave sayin). Well actually I’ve never talked to em but hey.

Am listening to Regina and Estelle. Can’t listen to Muse, yet.  Want to cry, the time of the month isn’t helping either. Am on diet 2 get thin 4 holidays.

To hurt others is simply a blow to your personality- you turn yourself into a complete twat.

Better sleep, got to get up @ 7.

Repping the Muse pants I bought at my first gig 

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